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Smiths Advanced Metals
part of the Smiths Metal Centres Group

Smiths Advanced Metals handles all export enquiries across the group and also works on specialist supply projects throughout the UK Smiths Advanced Metals (SAM) is part of
Smiths Metal Centres Ltd
(UK company registration number 03485838)

The Smiths Group centres around Smiths Metal Centres Ltd, a UK based engineering raw materials stockholder/distributor with service centres across the country and export links across the World. Judged on turnover, number of employees, number of sites, range of products, or pretty much any other criteria, we're undoubtedly one of the UK's largest distributors of the materials we sell.

We've been around a long time, with a company history extending back to the year 1780, but today we're also leaders in supply chain development and improvement. We supply a wide variety of customers with a very wide variety of raw materials in a wide variety of ways. We're customer focused and our aim is to supply the materials our customer want in the way they want to be supplied.

Simple Philosophy

The fundamentals of our business are having the right materials, in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right time. Perhaps that sounds easy, and indeed achieving one or two of those fundamentals on their own can be done with relative ease. However, managing all four of these fundamentals correctly and at the same time is very difficult and something we're very proud to say we can do.

We believe that we can make an important and effective contribution to every supply chain we're a part of. Correct raw material selection can make a huge difference to the overall efficiency of a supply chain and the revenue that each player in it derives.

Where does Smiths Advanced Metals fit into the Group?

Smiths Advanced Metals handles all export enquiries across the group and also works on specialist supply projects throughout the UK. The division has links with many high tech industries, especially aerospace and the oil & gas sector. SAM can tap into the resources of the larger Smiths Group which in itself, affords many advantages to the customer, including stock availability and raw material prices.

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